War Families and the Sacrifices Made For Our Country

A special reunion highlights what military families go through while a loved one is serving.
2:31 | 11/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for War Families and the Sacrifices Made For Our Country
And next here tonight, an american homecoming, we are heading toward veterans day on monday, about 820,000 u.S. Troops have served in afghanistan since the war began a decade ago. Yet more than 48,000 are still there waiting to come home. And last night, we told you about one soldier, who dreamed of meeting his daughter for the first time. And tonight abc's josh elliott shows us the moment it happened. Reporter: For brittany lotts, as with so many other members of military families, the journey has been a long and difficult one. The hardest part is constant loneliness. You think about them a lot. Reporter: Her husband is stationed in ghazni, afghanistan. He deployed when she was just 15 weeks pregnant. Now, in just a few days, he will meet their three month old daughter, finley, for the very first time. I've been waiting for this moment for nine months. I can't wait. Reporter: Captain lotts is one of those nearly 50,000 american troops still in afghanistan. Now he and his division are mang the long journey home. I'm really excited right now. Reporter: Back in fort drum, hundreds of supporters wait to greet them. As one anxious wife finally gets underway. I'm kind of getting nervous, I don't know. I'm so excited to see him. Reporter: The excitement of his return made exponentially more so with the anticipation, they lived for nine months apart, separated by a distance of over 6500 miles. Finally, a reunion, parents and children. How are you? Reporter: Husbands and wives. And one very long awaited introduction. Hey, it's daddy. It's daddy, sweet girl. Reporter: How does she feel? New. Fragile. Felt pretty amazing. Reporter: A new normal for him, and so many other soldiers like him, one of which they and he won't ever get enough. Josh elliott, abc news, fort drum, new york.

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{"id":20834384,"title":"War Families and the Sacrifices Made For Our Country","duration":"2:31","description":"A special reunion highlights what military families go through while a loved one is serving.","url":"/WNT/video/war-families-sacrifices-made-country-20834384","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}