Washington Post reporting special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump

The president ignored questions about the bombshell report he is under investigation for obstruction of justice.
2:52 | 06/15/17

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Transcript for Washington Post reporting special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump
We turn next tonight to the white house, responding to the report from the Washington post that president trump is now being investigated for obstruction of justice. The white house saying very little, being careful with what they said today. The president meanwhile, tweeting all day. Here's ABC's Cecilia Vega. Reporter: Inside the white house today president trump ignored questions about that bombshell report he's under investigation for obstruction of justice. Mr. President, do you believe that you are under investigation now? Reporter: But he lashed out on Twitter calling it a phony story saying, "You are witnessing the sineatest witch hunt in American political history -- led by some very bad and conflicted people." The white house tightlipped refusing to say who those bad and conflicted people are. But "The Washington post's" report that the president himself is now a subject of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation comes as a major turning point in the Russia probe. A key question, did the president fire former FBI director James Comey because of the Russia investigation? Comey says yes. I was fired in some way to change, or the endeavor was to change, the way the Russia investigation was being conducted. That is a very big deal. Reporter: Now it's no longer just he said/he said. Investigators are looking into whether the president repeated something he did with Comey, telling all government officials to clear out of a white house meeting so he could be alone with CIA director Mike Pompeo and the director of national intelligence Dan coats. There, the president reportedly asked coats to intervene in the investigation into fired national security adviser Mike Flynn. During his testimony on capitol hill, coats refused to answer most questions but said he never was pressured to intervene. Confidential conversations between the president and myself I do not believe it's appropriate for me to address that in a public setting. The president also reportedly called coats and NSA director admiral Mike Rogers and asked them to publically declare there was no collusion with Russia. They refused. According to "The Washington post," Rogers' former deputy wrote a memo at the time, documenting that phone call. And now the special cousel investigators want to talk to all three men and with this questions swirling, the president is still tweeting, hammering Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and what he calls that phoney story. Cecilia, president trump as we all know has hired his own personal lawyer to deal with the Russia probe. Tonight, there's word coming in that the vice president Mike pence is doing the same. The exact same. His name is Richard Cullen. Cullen will respond all special counsel-related inquiries. He looks forward to a swift conclusion of this matter. Cecilia, thank you. Another major headline from Washington tonight the senate

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{"id":48073937,"title":"Washington Post reporting special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump","duration":"2:52","description":"The president ignored questions about the bombshell report he is under investigation for obstruction of justice.","url":"/WNT/video/washington-post-reporting-special-counsel-robert-mueller-investigating-48073937","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}