Two Women on a Mission to Help Foster Children

Donated suitcases help foster kids carry their belongings instead of using trash bags.
2:00 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for Two Women on a Mission to Help Foster Children
Covered by nearly all health insurance and Medicare plans. On a mission to make a child feel special even in the hard times. Dignity in a simple gift. ABC's Steve osunsami and the women who are "America strong." Reporter: 14-year-old xazo Moore and five other foster children arrived at this home in Richmond, Virginia with all of their belongings in one of these, a black garbage bag. You were going to school when you were homeless and sleeping in a car. Yes. Did anyone at school know? No. Reporter: The trauma of their lives is eased with little things, like the smell of her cooking and a suitcase to put their clothes. These children's lives are important. They're not trash that can be discarded. They deserve more than just a garbage bag. Reporter: Michelle Jones, a local restaurant owner, heard about a simple but important need. She started collecting suitcases and the state welfare agency agreed to hand them out to foster children. There are 288 kids in foster care and that's my goal for today. Reporter: On this day it was a party. Barely used for brand new suitcases of every color filled the floor and are still pouring in every night for more than 500 children. Trash bag makes you feel like trash. But a suitcase makes you feel like you are at home. Not everyone can take in a foster kid, you know. I wish that everyone could, but if you can't, this is something small that you can do. Reporter: She and Ali say the donated suitcases are an easy way to tell these children that the lives they carry with them deserve more than a bag for trash and for that little thing, you are both "America strong." Steve osunsami, ABC news, Richmond, Virginia.

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{"id":25137465,"title":"Two Women on a Mission to Help Foster Children ","duration":"2:00","description":"Donated suitcases help foster kids carry their belongings instead of using trash bags.","url":"/WNT/video/women-mission-foster-children-25137465","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}