Overbearing Skater Mom Calls Child 'Pathetic, Embarrassing'


"This is definitely unacceptable .... I would get another coach. Do you want me to call your mother for you?" Sylvestri asked Olivia.

"Her mother left. She left her in my care," Governale said, "She's taking a lesson with me"

"I don't feel comfortable. I don't think anyone else feels comfortable," Sylvestri, a little league coach, said, adding he would never treat a young athlete the way our mean coach did.

Pretty soon, another mother put in her two cents: "Don't speak to the child like that! You don't tell her that she isn't worth it or that she is lazy you don't do that. You speak to her nicely! "

Finally, John Quinones came into the scene with cameras, surprising Sylvestri, who had no idea the scenario was staged.

"I just couldn't believe the way she was talking to her. Then I saw her crying," he told Quinones."I guess I just got fired up. You know enough's enough."

Coach Insults Skater's Weight

The next day at the skating rink Governale was at it again, but her comments took a more personal turn, touching on a topic that has become an issue in many sports: an athlete's weight.

"That extra weight isn't going to help either and you know that. You have 10 pounds to lose, 10 pounds," Governale screamed, leaving Olivia crying rink side.

Governale's rant left Olivia in tears, prompting a spectator to come over and try to comfort her. But Olivia kept crying and when her coach returned, she continued to let the insults fly.

"You are a waste of space, air, oxygen -- let's go," Governale said to Olivia.

But bystander Edwin Ruiz stepped in, getting into a heated exchange with our aggressive coach. "You know what Miss…. Why are you talking to her like that? What gives you the right, does it look like she is having fun?"

"She is my student. She's here to learn something," Governale said. "She has a lot of people riding on her…. Are you going to make sure she wins a gold medal?"

"A gold medal? What's she going to do with a gold medal? She doesn't want a gold medal. Her mother and everybody else wants a gold medal. Not her," Ruiz said. "She looks like she don't even like to ice skate."

When Quinones walked in with a camera crew, Ruiz was shocked. He said he got involved because he saw abuse.

Governale said she gets tough on Olivia during training sessions, but is never abusive. When asked how it felt to play the role of a verbally abusive coach, she said was "awful."

"It's absolutely not my style at all. Your kid shouldn't be crying on the ice because of the coach," Governale explained.

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