What Would You Do if You Saw Someone Stealing a Server's Tip?


Padilla is unafraid. One reason may be that he has a black belt in tai kwan do and is a martial arts instructor. When he talks to us later, he makes it clear he doesn't fear physical threats. Still, he is alone in his decision to blow the whistle on the thief -- no one backs him up. Two men at a nearby table say they didn't see anything.

Throughout the evening, our Good Samaritans act alone ... until Megan Guresh sees the brazen theft.

"Did that just happen?" she asks the man at dinner with her. Together, they immediately tell the waiter who ripped off his hard-earned tips.

When our thief denies it, Guresh isn't backing down.

"We saw you take it. The four of us saw you take it. Oh, my God. Give it back!" Guresh says.

When our thief continues to deny the crime, Guresh keeps him in her sights as she enlists the support of more fellow diners.

"We saw you!" she says.

After our thieves leave the restaurant, John Quinones walks in. He explains that few diners actually confronted the thief. But she showed no hesitation.

'I Know What I Saw'

"'Cause that's what happened," she says. "I know I saw it and then when everyone else confirmed, I mean, I know what I saw. Three other people backed me up."

Was Guresh worried about it all becoming physical and turning on her? Not a chance.

"If it gets physical," she says, "There are 50 other people here who would back me up."

Watch the scenario unfold on "What Would You Do?" Friday at 9 p.m. ET.

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