Jason Priestley's New Life as a Father

Jason Priestley has come a long way since his days in Beverly Hills. The star has a new show and a new daughter, and has been named one of Hollywood's sexiest dads by Us Weekly magazine.

ABC News Now's "What's the Buzz" recently caught up with the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" heartthrob about his family and what being a dad means to him.

"I love being a father. It's totally ineffable," Priestly said. "I love changing diapers. I love the whole thing -- I'm all in."

His new show, Lifetime's "Side Order of Life," ended up being a perfect fit for Priestley at a time when his life was changing drastically.

"My wife [Naomi] and I were planning on having a child this summer, so when Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, our executive producers, started talking to me about doing 'Side Order,' the timing of it worked out perfectly for me," Priestley told "What's the Buzz." "I knew that I'd be at home for the first four months of Ava's life."

Despite his busy filming schedule, the Priestleys have decided to take the road less traveled in Hollywood and raise their daughter without the help of a nanny.

"The time we're going to get to spend with our daughter actually being an infant is so short that I really want to have that time with her," Priestley said. "The fractured sleep that you get, the whole experience -- I really want to have it all and soak it all in."

For the full interview with Jason Priestley, tune in to ABC News Now's "What's the Buzz."