'Superbad': As American as Apple Pie and Porn

And how could it not be? Rogen and co-writer Goldberg wrote the first draft of the script when they were about 14 years old. For the record, that means the first writing of "Superbad" was completed more than a couple years before Jason Biggs mounted his kitchen counter for a certain semi-iconic tryst.

Nothing quite so bizarre happens in "Superbad," which might explain the bewilderment Rogen feels about why it took so long for the movie to get made.

"We were shocked that it took so long," Rogen said. "We though it was the simplest, most relatable movie ever, in a weird way. We wrote it with the intent of it being very commercial and relatable. But, when we tried to sell it, people were like, 'Are you guys crazy? You can't do this stuff.'"

Concerns about the response from the Motion Picture Association of America, which decides on movie ratings, were as much an impediment to making the film as anything else.

"I'm sure if we wanted to make a PG-13 movie, we could have made it in 2000, when we originally started trying," Rogen said. "But we always knew that was not the way to make this movie. I mean, you can't even show underage kids drinking in a PG-13 movie, really."

"But that's just exactly what we did every single weekend, really … was just try to get alcohol to impress women," Rogen said, implying that filth and reality are not mutually exclusive characteristics in film, or modern life.

The proof, as it must be, is in the picture. No amount of apple pie-humping will ever compare with McLovin's simple two-word acknowledgment of his first true sexual experience.

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