New York

Wine Country, Whine Country?

SILVER CREEK, N.Y. -- Here in the far western portion of New York State, with lush vineyards around us, the "Good Morning America" crew recreated the classic grape-stomping scene from "I Love Lucy."

Some residents, meanwhile, are still talking about the economy -- and how they're ready to stomp out the old.

But we're finding again that the definition of "change," well, changes.

Elizabeth Vancheri, who lives nearby the vineyard that hosts the Silver Creek Grape Festival, said she was pretty sure "change" meant a vote for Barack Obama -- until Sarah Palin came on board.

"I'm a baseball mom -- she's a hockey mom," Vancheri said, referring to her 6-year-old's T-ball games. "I've always been an Obama supporter. But Palin is definitely making me give McCain a second look."

Asked if she has any qualms about Palin's experience, she responded: "Is anybody really experienced to be president?"

"Barack Obama has a lot of potential -- he could really mix it up," she added. "I haven't heard anybody give a specific idea. . . . It makes you long for the days of Bill Clinton."

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