Voters Call for Action, Not Words

The train is no longer just a train Its not just a banner, a welcome wagon "come to town" It has become a sounding board for the people in the towns we visit...

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Sure, they are considerate enough to come meet us, and to hear us thank them for the opportunity to meet the morning together.

But they are also there with a sense of profound purpose: to tell us what is, and often what is not, working in their beloved hometown.

This is no glory tour...the whistle-stop is becoming a different type of sound: a clarion call to candidates of red and blue, that their rhetoric on the issues is ringing hollow...compromised by their often nebulous responses to simple questions...amounting, we are told, to empty promises, like those of a child pledging to clean an untidy room.

But with so much at stake in the country right now, the status quo of elusive politicians is not being swallowed by the voters, hungry for more

Change is not an end in and of itself, after all, it is a process, and one that suggests specific action...

Time and again, working men and women come to us and say plainly: they will vote for the man who specifies what remedies he will propose to cure obvious problems in this country

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