20 from 20/20: Surprising Celebrity Infomercials

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Young stars, older stars, movie stars, sports stars -- infomercials have attracted a galaxy of celebrities, notably "Three's Company" alumna Suzanne Somers, now of Thighmaster fame, and George Foreman, the boxing great behind the George Foreman Grill. But some product-pushing celebs have managed to fly a bit more under the radar, whether they meant to or not. Check out 20 of the more surprising famous faces that have appeared in infomercials.

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1. Cher: If she could turn back time, the legendary singer and actress might have decided against appearing in infomercials for Lori Davis hair care products in the early 1990s. "Suddenly I became the Infomercial Queen and it didn't occur to me that people would focus on that and strip me of all my other things," she later told Ladies Home Journal.

2. Alex Trebek: Answer: What is WordSmart? (Question: The vocabulary-building product line "Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek signed on to represent in infomercials this year.)

3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: She's known as the conservative member of a cabal of chatty ladies on "The View," but in her infomercial for the "Ab Glider," Hasselbeck, in a sports bra, lets her physique do the talking.

4. Cheryl Burke: Sweating through vigorous dance numbers apparently isn't enough to help "Dancing With the Stars" pro Cheryl Burke keep off the pounds. Burke endorses Fullfast Appetite Control Spray, a mouth spray designed to ward off hunger.

5. Nick Lachey: While his ex-wife Jessica Simpson showed off her clear face in Proactiv infomercials, the focus of singer Nick Lachey's hard sell was his hard body: He appeared in an infomercial for celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

6. Judith Light, 7. Brooke Shields, 8. Alicia Keys and 9. Vanessa Williams: What do a 1980s sitcom "Boss," a beauty icon, a Grammy-winning singer and one of the "Desperate Housewives" have in common? All have pitched for the anti-acne product Proactiv, a brand known for securing million-dollar deals with celebs.

10. Leeza Gibbons: Given how many hours Leeza Gibbons has sat in front of TV cameras, she should know a thing or two about makeup. She lends her name -- and ageless face -- to Sheer Cover mineral makeup, claiming "Sheer Cover makes you look like you have nothing to hide."

11. Susan Lucci: She may have become famous entertaining couch potatoes, but in her endorsement of Malibu Pilates, Emmy-award winning soaps star Susan Lucci urges you "to get off the couch." Lucci is also the face of her own skin care line, Youthful Essence.

12. Victoria Principal: "Dallas" alumna Victoria Principal hasn't just appeared in infomercials for her skin care line Principal Secret -- she's also produced them, with her work winning her a 1995 award from what was then known as the National Infomercial Marketing Association.

13. Mr. T.: George Foreman isn't the only tough guy trying to get you pumped about kitchen appliances. Mr. T, the 1980s "A-Team" icon, pities the fool who doesn't use his Mr. T FlavorWave Oven Turbo.

14. Dan Marino: A career in professional football doesn't make you immune to weight gain. Football great Dan Marino, who appears in Nutrisystem infomercials, said the weight loss brand helped him get back to his 1983 weight, when he was a quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

15. Chuck Norris, 16.Wesley Snipes and 17.Christie Brinkley: The two action stars and the supermodel all endorse Total Gym in infomercials, with Norris and Snipes calling it the only piece of home gym equipment they'll ever use.

18. Vivica Fox: After appearing on Season 3 of "Dancing With the Stars," actress Vivica Fox kept dancing through Zumba Fitness. Thanks to the dance exercise regimen, her "booty rose up a level," she said in a Zumba infomercial.

19. Cindy Crawford and 20. Valerie Bertinelli: How is the supermodel maintaining her looks into her 40s? As she explains in her infomercials, Cindy Crawford, right, credits her own skin care line "Meaningful Beauty." Valerie Bertinelli, famously of the 1970s show "One Day at a Time" and, more recently, "Hot in Cleveland," appears in the ads as well and raves about how Crawford seemingly "defied the aging process."