Seven Continents, Seven Ways to Save the World

ByABC News
April 9, 2007, 4:19 PM

April 10, 2007— -- In a world waking up to the importance of protecting the environment and the threat of global climate change, ABC News is marking Earth Day 2007 with a daylong look at the state of our planet.

We will report on the most crucial environmental issues of today and what solutions are currently being employed across the globe. From issues like water shortages, to species extinction, to alternate energy sources, this unprecedented global news event will feature ABC News anchors and correspondents reporting live from all seven continents throughout the day.

Elizabeth Vargas will report from a game preserve in Africa, Chris Cuomo will be in the heart of Paris, John Quinones will be in the Brazilian rain forest, Jay Schadler reports from an astonishing solar power array in Arizona, Cynthia McFadden will be live in China and Bill Weir will be above (and below) the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We will also bring you a live shot from the South Pole.

ABC News has assembled seven leading experts on the environment -- from scientists to businessmen -- to tell us the most important problems, and the most promising solutions.

Witness for yourself how the Earth is changing, and what you can do to about it. The coverage will outline the most pressing environmental issues: