Pimped Out Property

In real estate, some want to make their space suit their style. So owners looking to live the good life and not worry about resale values tell their builders, their designers, even themselves: "Pimp My House."

Sometimes being in charge, means livin' large.

For retired NBA star Matt Geiger, opting for a supersize Florida homestead was a slam-dunk.

"Being 7 feet tall, I didn't wanna ever feel like I was in a normal house. It almost had to fit me," he said.

It's a home specifically built to accommodate Matt's height. "I think a couch is better if it's bigger. I think a chair is better if it's bigger," he said.

In Geiger's case, size really does matter. He said he's broken about a dozen chairs in his life.

Matt can't bust the chairs he's had built for his home. His desk is also custom-built to fit his long legs beneath it, and his showerheads are all 9 feet high.

Downstairs, there's an NBA-size party area, a spacious DJ booth, oversize exercise equipment and a tanning bed built for larger people.

And then there's the master suite, with its 10-foot-by-8-foot bedzilla.

A Cat Palace

If you're never going to sell, why not make your house the cat's meow?

In San Diego, Bob Walker and Frances Mooney have spent years reconfiguring their cozy domicile for the amusement of their eight cats.

"There's 140 feet of cat path that goes through almost every room in the house," Bob Walker told "20/20."

From neon lights to clever cutouts to mousy jail cells, the couple has paved the cat-paths and emptied their own kitty.

"I probably put in $10,000 worth of materials in here and probably reduced the value of the house by $30,000," he said.

Cat images festoon the walls, every wall, everywhere. Cat photos even sass up the kitchen floor.

"It's easy to keep clean because you can't see any of the dirty spots," Walker said.

"We're not going to sell it, so if we put giant holes in the walls, so be it," he added.

Sure, it all looks like fun, but what about the smell?

"We live in California and you get to have the windows open," Mooney said.

Studio 54 Revisited

Jeanine Sales' apartment in West Hollywood purrs with after-hours pleasure.

Flame-haired Sales spent part of the 1970s kicking back and getting down at New York's famed palace of hedonism, Studio 54.

So, there are no white walls or wood floors for Sales. Her walls are black. Her carpet is leopard. Her love seat is pink. And her memories are hot.

Jeanine considers her home her personal playground designed for her to rejoice in excess rather than focus on reselling with success. "Let's face it, if Liberace or Elvis were still alive, I'd be married to them," she said.