Are Middle School Kids Having Sex?

Are you concerned about the pressures your middle school-age child is facing when it comes to learning the complicated rules of social and sexual interaction?

Kids so often get caught up in wanting to be liked that they may "go along with" behaviors they think will make them popular. Would you like some help learning how to talk to your kids about sex and their feelings of self-esteem?

If so, the producers of 20/20 would like to hear from you for an upcoming segment:

Research shows pressure to become sexually active is confronting children at a younger and younger age, leaving kids confused and parents perplexed about how to handle it. Many young teens polled, some even as young as 13, say they've engaged in casual sex. Many young girls report they don't consider oral sex to be sex at all.

In an upcoming report, 20/20 will take a look at this trend, and — with the help of well-known experts — give parents constructive ways to deal with the young teen who is engaging in this type of behavior.

If you're worried about your child and would be interested in participating in this segment, please send an e-mail with a few sentences detailing your concerns directly to ABCNEWS.

Please be sure to include the following information: name, city, e-mail address and daytime phone #.