'I'm Carrying the Child of a Guy Who Raped Me'

The Scott family have made many difficult decisions since the incident.

ByABC News
September 17, 2007, 12:11 PM

Sept. 17, 2007 — -- Eric, Kimberly and Mika Scott look like an ordinary family, but the way they became a family and stayed a family is nothing short of extraordinary.

Kimberly and Eric met 20 years ago, fell deeply in love and were married within four months. Their relationship was a long-distance one as Eric, then a Marine, was often deployed, leaving Kimberly alone.

"Eric was gone on a mission," Kimberly said, "and we were selling our condo and there was an associate minister of a church that I was attending that wanted to buy our condo."

But, says Kimberly, that innocent meeting with an acquaintance became a life-altering event that forced the Scotts to face a series of tough calls.

"He grabbed me from behind and threw me on the floor and just started pulling off my clothes," Kimberly said, "and he pretty much raped me at that point."

At the hospital, Kimberly said she was encouraged to report what happened, but she refused not surprising, given that more than half of rapes go unreported.

"Can't do it I wanted to, but I was alone, you know. My husband was gone and I was so ashamed," said Kimberly.

So Kimberly didn't file charges. She was then faced with another difficult decision: how and when to tell her husband, who was away on duty, what had happened.

She decided to wait to tell him in person, when he returned two months later. By then, however, Kimberly had other news to break.

"I'm carrying the child of a guy who raped me. I was just like, 'Why God?'" she said.

Kimberly now had to tell Eric not only that she was attacked, but that the rape resulted in her becoming pregnant. This was all the more shocking, because doctors had always told Kimberly it would be extremely difficult for her to ever have children.

"Here they tell me I can't get pregnant, and then I'm pregnant by a guy who raped me. I mean why did it have to happen like this?"

Kimberly's husband, Eric, didn't know what to believe.

"At first she told me she was pregnant," said Eric. "So my first assumption was it was my kid and then she told me when she was due and it just didn't add up for it to be my kid if the baby was due when she was saying it was due."