Extreme Measures: The Smallest Waist and the Longest Fingernails

Meet Guinness world record holders Cathie Jung and Lee Redmond.

ByABC News
November 20, 2007, 4:12 PM

Nov. 23, 2007 — -- Though the Guinness World Records is full of record holders who are born into their condition, such as the world's tallest man or the person with the stretchiest skin, there are two women who have chosen to manipulate their physical appearance to comic-book proportions in pursuit of Guinness world records.

Guinness world records are about extremes, and the record holders for the tiniest waist and the longest fingernails certainly fit that category. For these women, beauty is anything but skin deep.

Cathie Jung, a 70-year-old grandmother from North Carolina, has a 15-inch waist that's narrower than a family-size jar of mayonnaise. Lee Redmond, a 66-year-old great-grandmother from Utah, has 35-inch fingernails.

The last time Redmond cut her nails was in 1979, when Jimmy Carter was in the White House and Billy Joel was winning Grammys for his song "Just the Way You Are."

Redmond still somehow manages to do all the everyday things, including driving a car and using a cell phone she just does it all with a total of 27 feet of stiff protein dangling from her hands.

Redmond started growing her nails on a whim. By the time they had reached 3.5 inches she caught the eye of a local Utah TV producer.

"Nobody wants to be a nobody. It's like, 'What could I do? What could I do?'" she said.

Though Redmond wanted to stand out, Jung says it was her and her husband's fascination with all things Victorian that led her to pursue a perfect hourglass figure.

"I was sort of a teenager in the '50s when small waists were in vogue, and when I got into my 40s, the kids were gone. I realized that I was going the way of all women my age and starting to look a little dumpy and frumpy," Jung said.

So she began wearing corsets full time. This Victorian secret to a slimmer waist has appeared in films ranging from "Gone with the Wind" to "Pirates of the Caribbean." Jung wears corsets day and night, removing them only to shower, ultimately reducing her 26-inch waist down to 15 inches.