Pepsi's First Statement to ABC News

ByABC News
February 13, 2009, 8:32 AM

Feb. 11, 2009— -- Initial Statement from Pepsi to ABC News:

This is old, irresponsible news. It is preposterous to blame soft drinks or any one food for poor dental health. So many factors determine individual dental health, including the types of food consumed, the length of time foods are retained in the mouth, and the level of oral hygiene and access to professional dental care.

Sticky foods like raisins and cookies that tend to stay in the mouth longer and/or cling to teeth can be a significant source of dental cavities. In contrast, liquids, including those that contain sugar, clear the mouth quickly.

It's about common sense, including a balanced diet and proper dental hygiene -- like flossing and brushing teeth after meals and snacks."