Kids Touched By the Recession: How to Help

Contact homeless shelter and school helping children cope with the economy.

ByABC News
March 17, 2009, 2:37 PM

— -- The following organizations featured in David Muir's report on "20/20," "World News" and "Good Morning America" are working to help children struggling during the recession.

Union Rescue Mission: The Los Angeles homeless shelter houses more than 120 children, including those featured in the ABC News report.

To help the Union Rescue Mission, CLICK HERE or call or call 213-347-6350.

Village Academy High School: In Pomona, Calif., the teenagers at Village Academy High School are also struggling with the economic situation. Students shared their experiences and feelings in a video called "Is Anybody Listening?" that was referenced by President Obama in a speech. Last week, the president met with the students.

To help the Village Academy High School students, send donations to:

The Village Project Fund

c/o Pomona Unified School District

P.O. Box 2900

Pomona, CA 91769

*Make checks payable to the Village Project Fund.

Everyone Deserves a Roof: The Union Rescue Mission has had to resort to pitching tents wherever there's space, including inside the shelter's chapel. The tents are 7 feet long by 3 feet wide, and can house up to four people, or one family. These tents are built and given out free to homeless shelters and individuals by a charity called Everyone Deserves A Roof (EDAR).

For more information on Everyone Deserves a Roof (EDAR) CLICK HERE.

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