Do Your Girls Bicker?

20/20ABC News Photo Illustration

Do you have girls who bicker?

"20/20" is looking for a family in the New York / Tri-state area willing to open up their lives to us and to our cameras.

A family with at least two girls (boys are OK, too) who live at home, ages 11-25, who are constantly going at it.

Do the girls "borrow" one another's clothes or things without asking? Do they squabble over their private space? Are there petty jealousies or rivalries? Is one "prettier," "smarter," "more popular" than the other? Do you ever hear the refrain, "You're mom's favorite!"?

We want to capture sisters' interactions on tape. In return, our expert -- who has studied sisters -- can offer some tips to help smooth things over.

If interested, please fill out the form below. And thanks for watching.


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