Phil Spector's SoCal 'Castle' Full of Memories Both Tragic and Triumphant

'20/20' goes inside Spector's notorious SoCal mansion full of tragic memories.

ByABC News
July 30, 2009, 1:12 PM

July 31, 2009— -- Located a good half hour's drive east of the Sunset Strip, Phil Spector's home really was his castle: a 35-room mansion known as the Pyrenees Castle atop an Alhambra, Calif., hill.

But it is also a mausoleum, reflecting a career in which he produced hits like "Be My Baby," "Then He Kissed Me" and more wall-of-sound classics in the '60s, only to spend much of the next four decades in search of a second act.

Phil Spector's home is full of rock memorabilia, such as that from his early '70s work with George Harrison, with whom he made the huge hit "My Sweet Lord."

In her first national-media interview since the trial, Spector's 29-year-old wife Rachelle spoke to ABC News' Chris Connelly about her husband's legacy.

"[Spector] said George was very shy and very insecure about himself," said Rachelle. "And once he built up George's confidence to finish the album, I mean obviously, it's a masterpiece."

Old-school speakers line the walls of their home, throwbacks to an earlier era and Spector's hedyay. "That's what he likes. That's what he loves," said Rachelle.

Even the jukebox in Phil Spector's game room is filled with old-school vinyl no less historic than the images on the glory wall in the bar.

When Rachelle is asked about her husband's 40 years of rock and roll history -- which included pioneering the "wall of sound" production technique -- she says she feels "just amazement at what he was able to achieve. And at such a young age when he started. I mean he was a millionaire by 21, a multimillionaire by 25."

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