Being Becky G: Gangster Minnie Mouse Goes Pumpkin Carving With The Fam

Becky G celebrates her brother Frankie's 13th bday and Halloween.

ByABC News
November 2, 2012, 3:59 PM

Nov. 2, 2012— -- Everyone loves Halloween, right? Well, for me, it's not just the fun costumes that I love about October. It's also my little brother Frankie's birthday a few days before Halloween, so this year we made it extra special. He turned 13, and we had well over 30 people over at my house, 17 of them grandchildren.

My mom has always been the party planner in the family, she comes up with the ideas. She's the one who gets things together. Frankie's birthdays have always been kind of Halloween-based, but this was the first time that we had all these activities like pumpkin-carving contests, so it was really, really cool.

One thing I'm learning as I get older is to appreciate every moment that I get with family, especially my grandparents. They're getting a little older and they're having difficulty with certain things.

My dad's dad, who came from Mexico in 1974, could retire, but he doesn't want to. The way he was raised was so you never stop providing for your family and your lady. My grandma still does the cooking and cleaning. He's been working for so long - he works at a country club near Hollywood, doing construction and landscaping. He has a really bad knee problem. But he and my other grandparents don't really let anything hold them back.

Family plays a really big part of my life, because they've been there since the beginning, even before I was born. I'm at a point in my career where it's starting to take off, and I'm not able to spend as much time with them as I'm used to. It's really different for me, so when I do have time with them, I really take it all in.

Here are some pics from that special day. Hope you had an awesome Halloween, too, and spent it with the ones you love!

One of my friends, his name is Coco, he designs for LMFAO, he offered to create a costume for me. And he said, 'Hey, what if we made the dress out of a bandanna for a gangsta Minnie Mouse?" The dress came out adorable, and up close you can really see the details in the dress.

Everyone contributed something delicious. My mom made her famous frijoles rancheros, which is her take on chilli beans, but with all sorts of meats in it, like bacon and chorizo. We had the corn on the cob, a bunch of salsas, too. I helped my dad make homemade french fries and fry the codornices (quail), and my grandma made her rice. It was an all day situation. We were cleaning since the day before because you know, you have to have a presentable house.

The gang.

We had two separate competitions. We had an adult pumpkin-carving contest for the couples, and then the littles ones had mini pumpkins which they painted on. The grandparents were inside while all this was happening and they were the judges of who won each contest.

My lil Frankie, in the black shirt.

Me and my great grandma, Maria Guadalupe Gallegos Martin, from my mom's side.

- As told to Angie Romero

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