Kristen Stewart Says She's Grown Up During Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference

Soundbites from the cast of Breaking Dawn Part 2, the final Twilight film.

Nov. 2, 2012— -- Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson did not say a word to each other yesterday at a press conference in Los Angeles for their new film Breaking Dawn Part 2. They didn't even look at each other. Still, she admitted to having grown up through the whole process of making the Twilight saga, and Pattinson confessed he was starstruck by Stewart when they first auditioned together. Aw!

Turns out the star-crossed lovers each conducted their own, separate Q&A sessions, as did Taylor Lautner, so therefore were never in the same room together, at least not in front of the press. (MTV News got the exclusive joint inteview with the three stars later that day, and they're as awkward and cute as ever.)

There was a palpable sense of relief from filmmakers and the entire cast -- especially coming from K-Stew and R-Patz -- to wrap things up with this series and move on to what the rest of their careers/lives will look like, even if there's also an inevitable hint of nostalgia.

This is indeed a difficult time for Twihards, accepting that Breaking Dawn Part 2, out November 16, is the final film in the hugely successful Twilight series, and as such, represents the end for Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the entire universe of vampire and werewolves that the now-mega-rich Stephenie Meyer built from her overactive imagination.

I won't spoil the movie for you but I will say this: it's laugh-out-loud funny at times (surprising for a Twilight movie, I know); Stewart has never looked better on screen (even if she is a bloodthirsty vampire now, rocking the red contacts and all); the Jacob-Renesmee storyline is pulled off in a sweet, non creepy way; the Volturi have never been more terrifying and threatening to the Cullens and the werewolves; the introduction of all the new vampires (Lee Pace, particularly) is really what makes this film feel fresh and fun.

Here are some of the best soundbites from the movie's main stars, taken from our #BreakingDawnPart2 live-tweets during the press conference (follow us if you don't already, @uninewsent.)

I don't know about you, but I believe Stewart when she says, "I've grown up a bit."


Robert Pattinson took a seat and everyone snapped away.

"The way the Twilight fans connect with the story is visceral, it can't really be explained," Pattinson said when asked why he thinks these stories have had the impact they've had.

"What advice would I give myself looking back to 1st Twilight film? I dunno. Drink vodka, not beer, and try and get a six-pack a lot quicker in order to be a much more successful actor," Pattinson joked in his British accent.

"Franchise is a Burger King, not a movie," he said about the widely used term to describe the Twilight series.

At some point, Pattinson was asked a random question, but his answer revealed something interesting: "What do I think lasts forever? Hope. I don't know, that's kind of a difficult question." And then he laughed awkwardly, which was oddly endearing.

Rob said he was starstruck the first time he met Kristen Stewart at the Twilight audition, even though he'd only seen her in a few things. "Fame came later for me," he said.

"I have no idea how people will remember this, but I hope they do," he said, on the legacy of the movies.

He said he'd like to have more control over his public image going forward, when asked what he's learned over the course of the Twilight movies.

When asked about the future of his career, taking risks, and the kinds of roles he'll take on next, Pattinson offered this: "You can't be afraid to be typecast. The only guarantee for success in this industry is playing superhero after superhero and money isn't necessarily all that satisfying to me."


First thought as Kristen Stewart walks in: Is it just me or does Kristen Stewart look prettier with each Twilight film?

"Yeah, I kept the rings, the rings are really important to me," Stewart said of the props she's keeping from the movies, including the mood ring Bella's mom gives her in the first film.

She was so excited to do some of her own stunts, that she broke her thumb during one of the first intense action sequences in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

"Comic Con was really the first time I was ever hit with a wave of human energy," she said of the first time she realized how big the Twilight movies were in pop culture. "I was like, this is not a normal movie."

"I definitely feel a lot more realized. I think I've grown up a little bit, I don't know," Stewart said when asked about her journey from the first Twillight movie to Breaking Dawn Part 2.

"You should always constantly question everything, and push yourself harder," she shared of her work ethic as an actress.

Someone asked her about remaining frozen in time, and what age she'd like to pause her life at if she could. "I'm not there yet," Stewart, who's only 22, replied. "I can't wait to get to that point."

Look, an expression! Kristen Stewart looked back on the Twilight phenomenon, called it "crazy, I wish I had another way to describe it."

"I felt really connected to that [maternal instinct] aspect of the movie," she said of all her scenes playing a mom to the Renesmee character. "I think it may be something that you're sort of born with or not born with. Some people have really strong desires to be a mom and it's one of my favorite things about the story from day 1. There was never enough about that in the script for me.

"I can't wait to be a mom, but, you know, then again I can wait," she added, with a hint of laughter.

When asked if she's glad it's over, Kristen Stewart took a pause, and gave long-winded answer. In a nutshell, she said: "I'm so happy that the story is told, you have no idea…but I don't want it to sound like I'm excited to be done with the experience…I'll never forget this experience."

"But I guess that's the way it should be, things shouldn't stay stagnant," she added.

"A question that I can't answer is, 'what do you want to do next, what's your dream role, where do you see yourself.' I've gotten incredibly lucky to meet the people I've met and worked with them. Scripts can really surprise you. You can shock yourself a little bit and that's kind of what I'd like to do."


We got our real close pic out of the way as Lautner sat down for the press conference.

Lautner spoke about the fine line between being sweet and caring toward Renesmee and coming across as creepy: "It's a fine line. I was worried about it. We were very fortunate to have Stephenie Meyer on set for these last two movies, and I had quite a bit of conversations with her, there's really no one better to ask about it than her. She said it's simple, it's a lifelong bond between two people, and that's it. She's only 10 at this point, so it's more of a protective, brother-sister thing. I couldn't allow myself to think ahead and go beyond that."

"Weirdest fan encounter," Lautner shared, "was when I signed an autograph in this fan's arm, and the next day she went and got a tattoo of it."

"Meeting Kristen for the first time was awkward because I was nervous, I was the new guy on set, I was also the youngest," Lautner said.

"It's always uncomfortable when I have to take my shirt off for something, cause I'm always the only one doing it," Lautner joked of all his memorable shirtless scenes in the Twilight movies.

"I love the fact that we had different directors for each Twilight movie except for these last two. It's kind of an actor's dream, that and to play the same character for so long. Normally after three months you're done playing a character and then you watch the movie and wish you could've done some things differently."

"That's the biggest thing I'll take from this, is those relationships," Lautner said of the bond he's formed with Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. "We're so close right now, they're some of my best friends and that won't going away at all. Our friendships will go on forever. I find it so amazing that this cast meshed so well."