"2 Guns" Red Carpet: Mark Winked, Denzel Lost It and Edward James Cool as Ever

The dudes ruled the red carpet at the 2 Guns NYC movie premiere.

August 01, 2013, 2:38 PM

Aug. 2, 2013— -- We went to the premiere of 2 Guns in NYC, partially because we wanted to talk to one of the movie's stars, Edward James Olmos, and partially because we wanted to pitch Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg our idea for an HBO mini-series called "2 Guns 2 Furious," about an unlikely duo that races cars WHILST seeking out anger management therapy. Oh, also, we wanted to see what everyone was wearing.

Ross Richie, one of the producers on the film, immediately caught our eye by wearing what appeared to be a deck of cards in his breast pocket. If you see a bunch of dudes pairing their leather kilts with pocket cards, please recognize that Ross Richie did it first.

We also loved director Baltasar Kormákur sartorial homage to his birth country of Iceland, along with the snazzy belt he wore on the red carpet. Very, #OnTheme, Baltasar.

Mark Wahlberg showed that he's the only man alive who can wink without coming across like a complete douchebag (very FASHION of him), and Denzel Washington was, like. I mean, he's Denzel Washington. He's perfect? He's perfect. But watch out, reporters with less-than-perfect manners -- Denzel won't deal with it. Because he's perfect.

Finally, we got to have a chat with Edward James Olmos, who plays a drug cartel leader who is pretty much not opposed to setting an angry bull on Denzel and Mark's characters, undercover DEA agent Bobby Trench and Navy SEAL Marcus Stigman. The movie is based on a comic series by Boom! Studios and contains an explosion or seventeen, some nakesies cuddling, James Marsden being very good-looking, some more explosions, some straight up stealth ninja stuff, and Edward James Olmos threatening to cut off the two leading men's balls.

And, of course, FASHION.

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