Being Becky G: What I Do in the Studio

Celeb contributor Becky G reveals what she does in the studio.

ByABC News
November 29, 2012, 8:12 PM

Nov. 30, 2012— -- This whole week I've been in the studio, trying to figure out what my first single will be. Since I plan to be in the studio for the rest of 2012, I wanted to paint a picture of what happens there. I'm home-schooled, so I have the flexibility to do my homework on the weekends, and focus on the fun stuff during the week.

Lately I've been in the studio a lot with Dr. Luke, who is super involved with the making of my album. I've also been doing some sessions with Max Martin, who has worked with Britney Spears and Katy Perry a lot.

Sometimes we start acoustically – we'll jam out on the guitar and come up with really awesome melodies and sometimes the producer I'm working with will have a track and we'll just write to that.

I like to start with the music first because that's what inspires my writing. I do most of the writing but there are some sessions when they'll bring another writer from Dr. Luke's camp and we all throw around ideas. I'm the kind of person who plays off other people's energies so it's cool when there's another person in the room that's also creative. Something that's been on my mind lately as a writing topic is girls and how they should feel comfortable with who they are and embrace their individual beauty. There's also boys – it's fun to write about that! At my age, most of it is break-ups and break-outs…

I've been in sessions where we do a whole song in one day and then there are other ones where we come up with three hook ideas and leave it at that. Every session is different.

The most time I've spent in the studio is like eleven hours. When I'm the studio for that long, it's because we're working on something really important. I'm still a teenager and I still need to be home by a certain time so most studio sessions don't go longer than 7, 8 hours now. Sometimes my mom comes, sometimes my older cousins bring me. It's nice to have someone there to talk to, even though I could talk to Luke for hours.

As soon as I can spill more details about what the first single will be, you'll be the first to know! For now, check out some of my fav studio moments below.

I have to have my nerd glasses on when I'm writing every single time. They're just for fashion and I have them in different colors – they have no lenses.

Also, I love these organic gummy snacks that Luke buys. I go through a whole drawer of these in his studio! We definitely have real food breaks because I cannot think when I'm hungry. We usually order food in – some nights it's pizza, or Mexican food, or sushi. We switch it up.

I love Pellegrino. This is what I drink when I'm in the studio because I'm trying to cut back on soda : )

The view from Luke's home studio in Malibu. So pretty!

Luke deep in thought...

- As told to Angie Romero

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