John Leguizamo on How His Sid The Sloth Voice Turns On His Wife

PHOTO: John Leguizamo at the Miami International Film FestivalPlayABC Univision
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We caught up with John Leguizamo on the red carpet at the Miami International Film Festival for "The Trip 2" ("El Paseo 2") -- a sequel for the 2010 Colombian hit movie, and basically a Spanish language version of National Lampoon's Vacation where a quirky family goes on a vacation full of lost reservations, hot exes that show up at the worst time, and lots of slapstick jokes.

The actor/comedian took a few minutes to answer my questions about Miami Vice, how his Sid the Sloth voice turns on his wife, and his much buzzed-about upcoming film "The Counselor".

"The Trip 2" is one of the few films Leguizamo has done in Spanish. "I did a lot of my own stunts... very Jackie Chan," he said, "They put me in a mud volcano, I went scuba diving and they almost drowned me, they hung me on the outside of a bus, they made me dance for 24 hours in the hottest place in Colombia, it was crazy. The result is really funny, so it was worth it."

Leguizamo has also been working on the new Ridley Scott film, "The Counselor", whose cast is as amazing as the guy who wrote it (Cormac McCarthy). Leguizamo is working with Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, and Rosie Perez on McCarthy's first screenplay about a lawyer who gets involved in drug trafficking. The movie is due out in November 2013.

Watch the video above for more on "The Counselor" and which Miami Vice character embodies Miami in all its Miaminess: Don Johnson or the other guy. (Fun fact: Leguizamo was on Miami Vice as Orlando Calderone in two episodes in '86 and '87, and as Angelo Alvarez in one episode in '89.)

Leguizamo was game to talk about everything...but he still didn't say my name.