Latin Grammys: The Top 10 Nominated Artists Who Rule on Social Media

PHOTO: The Latin Grammy nominees with the most social media presence.Romina Puga/ABC-Univision
The Latin Grammy nominees with the most social media presence.

With the Latin Grammys coming up on November 15th, and at a time when social media rules the world, we couldn't help but wonder: which nominee would win the Latin Grammy for most social media clout?

Who has the most devout fans across social networks? Who has the creepiest stalkers? Who has the most Twitter followers and Facebook likes, and which nominated single has the most YouTube views?

We crunched some numbers, and we wondered no more. Here are the Top 10 ABC/Univision Latin Grammy Social Media winners:

10. 3BallMTY

Although these boys haven't been active on Facebook since September, they tweet like they have nothing else to do. But hey, I guess there's 3 of them spreading the love at once (so there's 3x the tweetness). Nominated for: Best New Artist

Facebook Likes: 158,382

Twitter Followers: 79,541

VEVO Subscribers: 47,322

VEVO Video Views: 48,112,260

Sample Tweet: They make shout outs to "the" people:

9. Carla Morrison

Her Twitter feed is flooded with fans' comments, so we know she doesn't block other people tweeting at her. That automatically means she's good to her fans. Nominated for:

Album of the year: Déjenme Llorar

Song of the year: "Déjenme Llorar"

Best Alternative Music Album: Déjenme Llorar

Best Alternative Song: "Déjenme Llorar"

Facebook Likes: 157,926

Twitter Followers: 202,323

Official Youtube subscribers: 51,291

Official Youtube views: 23,952,261

Sample Tweet: Carla makes sure to say sweet dreams to her fans before going to bed:

8. Pepe Aguilar

Aguilar posts stuff on Facebook and Twitter a few times a day. He might not be 20 years old, but he is present everywhere in the virtual world. Nominated for:

Best Ranchero Album: Más de un Camino

Best Traditional Pop Album: Negociaré con la pena

Facebook Likes: 597,994

Twitter Followers: 1,097,199

Official Youtube Subscribers: 13,969

Official Youtube Views: 30,598,507

Sample Tweet:Beside giving his fans amazing music, he offers them a free movie critique service as well:

Weirdest fan comment: This fan is among hundreds of thousands to comment on a particular picture posted by Pepe. Regardless, she requests Pepe read her comment, in which lets him know that she enjoyed his concert... but she wishes he would've dedicated more time to the audience. Two hours wasn't enough. Note taken Anabell.

7. Pablo Alborán

Fans like to feel like their idols know them and relate to them. Alborán takes it one step further. He calls his fans his family (he tweets out to his "familia"). Nominated for:

Best Contemporary Pop Album: En Acústico

Facebook Likes: 902,201

Twitter Followers: 900,728

VEVO Subscribers: 63,826

VEVO Video Views: 71,049,908

Official Youtube Subscribers: 54,750

Official Youtube views: 50,658,923

Sample Tweet: Pablo calling his fans his "familia":

Weirdest fan comment: This fan was sure to let Pablo know that she approves his updated Facebook profile pic. Good thing she gave her input. Translation: "I like this picture more as a profile picture. The other one is ok, but not as good as this one."

6. Jesse & Joy

With this brother-sister duo we wonder: who calls shot-gun and who does the tweeting? Nominated for:

Record of the Year: "Corre!"

Album of the Year: Con Quien Se Queda El Perro?

Song of the Year: "Corre!"

Best Contemporary Pop Album: Con Quien Se Queda El Perro?

Best Short Form Music Video: "Me Voy"

Facebook Likes: 983,761

Twitter Followers: 934,659

Official Youtube Subscribers: 427,914

Official Youtube Views: 210,525,201

Sample Tweet: "A kiss and much, much... and I mean much... love for the best fans on earth!"

Most Viewed Video: "Corre!" has 104,697,586 views and counting! This makes it the #1 most watched video on our nominee list.

5. Juan Luis Guerra

El Maestro only tweets a few times a month, but somehow manages to have more than 3 million tweets. Nominated for:

Best Tropical Song: "Toma Mi Vida"

Producer of the Year

Facebook Likes: 453,926

Twitter Followers: 3,264,264

Sample Tweet: Juan Luis Guerra alerts his fans that there's an imposter out there that goes by the same name, with a 3rd "r" in Guerra:

4. David Bisbal

Bisbal doesn't use his social media platforms to just plug himself... he makes several shout outs to other musicians on a pretty regular basis. Nominated for:

Best Traditional Pop Album: Una Noche en el Teatro Real

Facebook Likes: 1,056,348

Twitter Followers: 4,353,515

VEVO Subscribers: 17,844

VEVO Video Views: 41,867,285

Sample Tweet: Bisbal makes shout outs to fellow singers, with hashtags and all. Spread the love.

Weirdest fan comment: This comment was in response to a picture David posted when he was on the set of Sabado Gigante's 50 year anniversary episode. He asks how he did on the show? Elena lets him know he doesn't even have to ask. Thanks Elena.

3. Alejandro Sanz

Sanz has awesome social media presence on Twitter. He RTs just about everyone. Nominated for:

Record of the year: "No Me Compares"

Song of the year: "No Me Compares"

Facebook Likes: 2,282,312

Twitter Followers: 7,411,526

Most Viewed Video: "No me compares" comes in at 3rd most viewed video on our list at 14,050,380 views.

VEVO Subscribers: 30,633

VEVO Video Views: 20,348,594

Sample Tweet: He RTs his fans. How many pop stars do that???

2. Juanes

Juanes probably has the most ladies swooning on social media than anyone else on our list. I asked a friend if she could ask Juanes one question what it would be. She gave me 3 questions instead: What's his favorite city? Does he prefer blondes or brunettes? And what are the chances of him running away with her? C'mon.

Nominated for:

Album of the Year: Juanes MTV Unplugged

Song of the Year: "Azul Sabina"

Best Long Form Video: MTV Unplugged

Facebook Likes: 4,494,245

Twitter Followers: 6,413,407

VEVO Subscribers: 79,241

VEVO Video Views: 164,478,672

Official Youtube Subscribers: 3,713

Official Youtube Views: 452,230

Sample Tweet: Juan Esteban respects the OG's.

Weirdest Fan Comment: Juanes' Facebook wall is covered with romantic requests by his lady-fans. Here are a few:

Love doesn't need translating. This woman wants Juanes to think of our children's future. "Our children," she calls them. Not sure if she means "ours" as in the world's, or as in her make-believe children with Juanes. Either way I'm pretty sure she'd like to have his babies.

1. Ricardo Arjona

Love him or hate him, Arjona really delivers on social media platforms. He answers Twitter followers' questions with video responses, he has the most combined Facebook and Twitter subscribers, and has official YouTube and VEVO accounts. One thing to note though - his Facebook page is just photos of his face and lyrics on T-shirts. I don't get it? Nominated for:

Record of the Year: "Fuiste Tu"

Album of the Year: Independiente

Song of the Year: "Fuiste Tu"

Singer-Songwriter: Independiente

Facebook Likes: 8,633,089

Twitter Followers: 2,503,991

VEVO subscribers: 38,613

VEVO Video Views: 50,170,602

Official Youtube Subscribers: 169,770

Official Youtube Views: 133,153,290

Most Viewed Video: "Fuiste tu" has 65,261,751 views.

Sample Tweet: Arjona takes the cake with his Twitter fandom by responding to tweets with video answers:

Weirdest Fan Comment: So, "potro" means young horse. In Argentina this is a popular term when describing someone who has a great body, but in English it's just an out-dated compliment. Translation: "I like Ricardo Arjona. He's a young stallion." Awk-ward.