Poo-Pourri: A Sweet Fragrance for Your Toilet Bowl

Now women can poo with confidence, too!

ByABC News
October 4, 2013, 11:40 AM
Be a proud party pooper!
Be a proud party pooper!

Oct. 04, 2013— -- It’s well-established that women deal with issues deucing (yes, pooping!), especially in public restrooms. Whether it’s at school or at the office, women don’t tend to confidently stroll to the restroom like their male counterparts. Instead, women seek refuge in the furthest, least trafficked bathroom and flee the scene immediately. It’s so embarrassing for some women that the walk out of the bathroom has been referred to as “The other walk of shame.”

If you’re a guy reading this in shock, asking, “Wait. Women poop, too?!” Yes, it’s true, my friend…women poop. Your mom poops. Your sister poops. Your girlfriend poops. And, guess what, they poop more when they’re on their periods!

Gross, yes. Natural, of course. Everyone poops! There’s even a children’s book about it!

Unfortunately for women, though, we’re not as brave and bold about it as men. While most men seem to feel no shame whatsoever in going number two in a public restroom with other men in the next stall, women cringe at the thought. Nope, not all women are as brazen crazy as this woman.

But, ladies, fear no more! There is a new product on the market, which claims to improve air quality so much so that the bathroom will smell better than when you found it! (We kid you not.) It’s called Poo-Pourri.

The embarrassment and even fear of creating a semi-public stink has spawned a new, all natural line of products that promise to put you at ease. According to the company, when spritzed in a toilet bowl (pre-poo), the product leaves a protective layer of essential oils that “keep embarrassing odors buried under water.”

Poo-Pourri has increased in popularity after the release of their extremely funny YouTube video. In less than one month, their ad has had more than 12 million views. According to Poo-Pourri, in one week after launching their promotional YouTube video, their website traffic increased over 13,000% and now orders may take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

With over 20 different scents and names like “Trap-A-Crap” and “Sh*ttin’ Pretty,” they seem to have your public poo phobia covered. And, they’ve got amusing (and high) ratings on Amazon, too.

With or without this product, make sure you poop regularly, ladies...don’t be ashamed to enjoy your “me” time!