The Royal Couple's Two Years of Marriage in Pictures

PHOTO: Mugs with the Royal Couples face on them.Flickr/Celesteh
Mugs with the Royal Couple's face on them.

It's been two years since Willie and Kate tied the knot.

Like most couples, they've spent their first two years of matrimony traveling the entire world, visiting underprivileged children in remote locations, and attending the Olympics -- all things suggested to every newlywed couple before settling down to have a family.

But the fun is over, and Kate is pregnant. By the end of their third year married we'll all have a tiny English baby prince to ogle at.

But today is about William and Kate. Let's take a minute to stop and look through some of the Royal Couple's most average couple moments, because like all celebs: they're just like us!

They had some good times... like when they crashed those little kids' camping trip,

And they had some rough times... like that time the princess had to pee five minutes into a four-hour ceremony,

Or that time they went to a Taylor Swift concert,

But they sure had times.

When they traveled they always made sure to go to the locals-only spots.

There was that one time they had to buy outfits at the local hotel gift shop when William forgot to pack their Royal suitcases. Dang it Willie! You had one job! One job!

Kate took up some drawing classes, because let's face it, the girl could use them.

Kate obviously forgot her classroom etiquette. No talking in class lady. I don't care how well you draw a snail.

They went to a few Heat games. They're big LeBron fans.

They educated some students.

They rode some escalators.

They took fashion tips from around the world.

They made some poor eating decisions.

Prince Charles got involved in the household chores because Katie just can't get a grip on doing her own laundry.

At the end of the day, they just tuck each other in in their silk jammies every night, like every other couple, and dream about that time they met the Obamas.

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