Snoop Lion Has A Snoopermarket on

Has hip-hop superstar Snoop Lion gone soft with new Overstock commercial?

July 30, 2013, 10:49 AM

July 30, 2013— -- If you were one of the many still hoping Snoop Lion would eventually morph back into Snoop Dogg, it's time to give up all hope.

The hip-hop superstar has teamed up with online furniture and goods retailer It can't get any less gangster than that, even if you teamed up with Lipton Ice Tea during a Superbowl commercial -- but even that Eminem endorsement was badass, with the claymation and true-to-Eminem attitude. Snoop Lion's collaboration with is just another sign of the rapper's new family-friendly persona.

Snoop's commercial features him checking out on his tablet in an all-white mansion. His daughter comes in complaining about some unicorn earrings Snoop had bought her that look like they came from Claire's. Dads, amiright? Snoop just surfs the magic Overstock website and picks out some diamond-encrusted earrings for his baby girl.

The ad features one of Snoop Lion's new songs, "The Good Good," and the video even ends with Snoop saying, "… They got the good good."

Endorsements are key ingredients in hip-hop music, along with life struggles and bouncy backsides. Almost every hip-hop hit has a product shout-out or name-drop. Will Snoop Lion shout out to in his next reggae track about ending gun violence and lighting up to remember those lost?

What message does this send to the hip-hop community? I'm thinking something like, "Before you spend those millions on that solid gold welcome mat, check because they might have a great hemp welcome mat with an outline of a barn on it for 1/1,000th of the price!" All the gangsterness of spending ridiculous wads of cash on futile housing goods goes out the window with this ad.

But that's not all. The website includes Snoop's and his family's favorite picks from the website under a section called the "Snoopermarket" (it's so clever I hope Snoop thought of it).

Under Snoop's list you can find classic Overstock best-sellers like a red water-absorbent fleece bathrobe, an Orly "French Manicure Natural Look" nail polish, a hemp Lion of Judha messenger bag from Nepal, your typical sese-wood-and-goatskin African djembe drum, a Martha Stewart silk-blend rug, "Seed to Weed: A Pot Enthusiast's Guide To Growing Marijuana" book in paperback, a lot of Pittsburgh Steelers stuff, and a Cuban Crafters premium glasstop humidor with ashtray set, for... you know.

His shopping list is pretty evenly split between his old persona and new one. But the fact that he has a shopping list on a site like Overstock just kills the old Snoop Dogg identity entirely. Except...

Under "Pets & Gifts" (because those things go hand in hand), he included a Large Country Lodge Dog House. Is he trying to tell us something? I think we should ask ourselves one last time: What's his motherf*cking name?

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