People Just Aren't That Interesting, According to Twitter

The Twitter hashtag #SelfFact produces boring results.

ByABC News
May 1, 2013, 11:09 AM

May 1, 2013&#151; -- For this week's installment of Please Stop Trending, we followed the trending hashtag #SelfFact only to find that nobody on Twitter is interesting. You'd think Tweeters would take the opportunity to expose their dirty little secrets or share how they're working towards world peace. Instead, there was a lot of "I'm a vampire lolololol" and, the obvious, "I <3 Justin Bieber".

C'mon society. You're really letting me down.

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Examples of #selffact below:

So. You thought the internet was asking everyone to tweet Selena Gomez facts? LMGTFY. There you go. Now get off Twitter, please.

...and who uses a Jennifer Lawrence profile picture.

Oh really? Tell me more. Really. Tell me how bad you are at makeup.

Get your life together Becky.

Oh no. That truly sounds like a terrible and horrible habit. Maybe you should try smoking instead. I heard it calms the nerves.

But then we went right back to this garbage...

Thank you for using up the full 140 characters to clarify what kind of metal you were tweeting about.


I respect the honesty.

Oh dear God. Come on. That's not the kind of self fact the cyber world needs to hear.

Of course the Beliebers were up all night RTing stuff like this.