Ladies & Gents, We Have An Education Problem According to Twitter

The Twitter hashtag #ThingsISayInSchoolTheMost produces scary results.

ByABC News
April 24, 2013, 2:12 PM

April 24, 2013— -- This week's Please Stop Trending hashtag choice has me pretty appalled. No, it's not the #NameAnAmazingBand hashtag including fictitious bands like Scarecrow Boat, Department of Homeland Obscurity, Mayday Parade, and Just the Tip. Those cannot be real band names. PS. Thank you to whoever posted a photo of Adam Levine, and every other person who tweeted One Direction, God bless your little souls.

It also wasn't #WorstWayToDumpSomeone, causing everyone on Twitter to relive a mean and horrible memory. (Way to go Twitter).

No. This hashtag was much worse. #ThingsISayInSchoolTheMost. There weren't any "I got an A!" tweets, or even "Let's make out." Instead it was a lot of "I wish Justin Bieber were here" "I'm too busy smoking weed to care." Not cool students, not cool.

Here are some examples:

These ladies need a reality check. Justin will probably never enter your school premises. Got it? Move on.

Look. I feel you. But you really should expand your world a little bit. What about The Wanted?

Well I'd stop talking to you @Infinity&Beyond, but I believe you asked me a question first.

Get your life together girl!

At least she talks about human rights at some point in her day... followed by swag.

Somebody point this girl to the guidance counselor's office, please.

Didn't anyone teach these kids to respect their elders??

It doesn't matter! You still need to learn it!

Alas, all is lost.