10-Year-Old Mexican Prodigy Wants To Attend Harvard

PHOTO: A 10-year-old from Mexico wants to attend Harvard. screenshot/SMichoacano YouTube channel
A 10-year-old from Mexico wants to attend Harvard.

Most 10-year-olds are stressing about the big move to middle school.

Not Luis Roberto Ramírez Álvarez.

The little boy from Michoacán, Mexico says he wants to head to Harvard.

Yes, we mean the renowned university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He would like to study Quantum physics. The aspiring entrepreneur reportedly wants to launch his own company to improve social networking and technology after graduation. When he's, you know, 16.

His interests aren't limited to science and engineering, however. At just five years of age, the young genius taught himself English, French and Mandarin Chinese.

We don't use the term genius lightly, either. The kid was tested and he literally has an IQ on par with Albert Einstein.

And we were feeling good about getting to work on time this morning.

CORRECTION: I was not able to independently verify that Luis Roberto Ramírez Álvarez will attend Harvard in the fall. The post has been updated to reflect that. I regret the error. We will update this post as more information becomes available. His age has also been corrected.