Brazilian Student Sells Her Virginity for $780,000

Catarina Migliorini says she will donate 90 percent to charity

ByABC News
October 25, 2012, 2:34 PM

Oct. 25, 2012— -- A Brazilian college student is making global headlines after selling her virginity online for an astronomical amount.

Twenty year old Catarina Migliorini sold her virginity in an online auction for $780,000 to a Japanese man known as Natsu.

Natsu competed with bidders from the United States, Australia, India and Brazil. He'll be allowed to spend one hour with the Brazilian student, and their encounter will take place on a plane flying over international waters in order to avoid any legal problems.

The auction was organized by Justin Sisley, an Australian filmmaker who is making a documentary about this.

Migliorini has said that she will donate 90 percent of the money that she makes to charities that are building homes for the poor, in her native state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

But Sisley told the Huffington Post that he was skeptical about Migliorini's claim.

"I was surprised she said that because in all my dealings with her, she made it clear that it was a business decision for her," he said. "Now, given how big this story is in Brazil, she's trapped. If she doesn't give any money to charity, she's going to look bad."

Twenty-one-year old virgin Alexander Stepanov is also participating in Sisley's documentary. Stepanov only managed to fetch $3,000 during his auction, selling off his virginity to a Brazilian woman, identified as Nene B.