Filmmaker Held By Venezuelan Officials Isn't a Spy, Brother Says

Trip Tracy, brother of recently released filmmaker Tim Tracy, speaks about his brothers release from a Venezuelan prison. Tim was accused of inciting Venezuelas post electoral violence.PlayIngrid Rojas/Fusion
WATCH Brother of US Filmmaker Released From Venezuelan Prison Says He's No Spy

A US filmmaker who was accused of espionage in Venezuela, and held in prison for more than a month, returned home safely on Wednesday after officials in the South American country suddenly dropped their case against him.

Tim Tracy did not speak to journalists after arriving at Miami's international airport on Wednesday, and with the help of immigration officers, he was able to duck the press and exit the airport.

But we managed to speak with his brother Tripp Tracy, who insisted that Tim was no spy.

"For anybody that's seen the movie Spies Like Us with Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd, that is as close to a spy as Tim Tracy is," Tripp said in this exclusive interview with ABC/Univision.

Tripp got emotional as he spoke of his brother's surprise return, and thanked the Venezuelan government for treating Tim adequately while in prison.

Officials in that country repeatedly described Tim Tracy as a "spy," saying he was giving money to opposition radicals while claiming to be in the country to film a documentary.

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