There Was A Lot of Spanish Spoken At The 2012 DNC

Cristina Saralegui at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.PlayUnivision News
WATCH Several speakers chose to include Spanish phrases in their speeches

Not unlike the Republican Convention, there was a lot of Spanish spoken at its Democratic counterpart on September 5 in Charlotte. From journalist and talk show host Cristina Saralegui to Pedro Pierluisi, the resident commissioner of Puerto Rico, many convention speakers delivered lines in the country's second most popular language.

"Pa'lante, pa'lante," Saralegui told the crowd, meaning, "Move forward, move forward," but with connotations of social progress.

"Imigrantes de todo el mundo llegan a los Estados Unidos buscando a oportunidad," said John Pérez, speaker and member of the California State Assembly. Translation: Immigrants from around the world arrive in the United States looking for opportunity.

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