How to Describe Pure Happiness? Being a Mother

First time mother Ilia Calderon almost didn't have a child.

May 12, 2013— -- It all began with eight cells!

After three years and three surgeries to remove uterine fibroids and to treat endometriosis, I was finally able to get pregnant through in-vitro fertilization last February.

Being a mother had always been my dream. A dream that was threatened when, after a regular check-up, my gynecologist told me about the worrying size of some fibroids inside my uterus. My whole world fell apart, but luckily, he managed to save my fertility during those three years until I was in the perfect condition to be a mother.

Needles, shots everyday, medications, pain, stress, anxiety were a part of my life for a few months. It was not easy! Only the hope of having that little creature in our arms one day gave us the strength to go on with that very delicate treatment.

That was only the beginning, and we have no regrets.

We had the privilege of meeting our daughter when she was just an embryo. We witnessed every single step of her growth inside my womb, more aware of the changes inside my body than the ones happening outside of it. I was not worried about the pounds I was going to put on. I just kept the same healthy lifestyle I've always had. I ate the food that was going to help her grow during each stage of my pregnancy.

Our baby was meant to be born. She wanted to be here in this world and she fought for hard during those 38 weeks inside me.

As if she knew how hard it was for us to conceive her, she decided not to give us a hard time and to be a great girl! My pregnancy was really smooth, I never had morning sickness, never got nauseas or mood swings.

She was born on October 26, 2012, the happiest day in my life. I still remember the minute before I heard her crying for the first time!

My heart started beating so hard, I couldn't believe that finally I was going to meet her. A feeling similar to that first love. My hands were swelling, but according to my husband Eugene who was holding my hand, I had an expression on my face that he had never seen before.

Pure and simple happiness!

And that is the same face that all my friends and co-workers tell me I have every time they see me. Pure happiness!!

This face of pure happiness is going to be with me forever.

My baby changed my life, she was meant to be my daughter, she was the one: out of the two embryos we transferred that one survived.

She is the one that every time she is going to take a nap or go to sleep, holds my hand to show me the way we are going to walk in this life…..together.

Do miracles happen?

Yes!!! I carried one for 38 weeks and her name is Anna.