A Daughter and Mother Fight for Immigration Reform [VIDEO]

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WATCH Why DREAMers Put Family First

Hundreds of DREAMers gathered outside the Capitol on Wednesday to show their support for immigration reform.

The action, organized by United We Dream, centered around a mock citizenship ceremony, and participants took time to recognize relatives who had been deported.

As ABC News/Univision reported on Monday, the DREAM tent has grown bigger during this year's immigration reform push -- the movement isn't just about undocumented young people, organizers say, it's about mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

An immigration reform bill has already passed in the Senate. Now, the future of an immigration overhaul rests in the hands of Republicans in the House of Representatives.

While Republicans met on Wednesday to discuss their strategy going forward (do something, maybe), DREAMers reiterated the message that families need to be included in any immigration legislation.

To explain the new family-first approach within the DREAM movement, I spoke with a daughter and mother from Arizona, both of whom are undocumented immigrants.

Reyna Montoya and her mother, Rosy Sandoval, came to the U.S. a decade ago from Nogales, Mexico, overstaying visas and losing their legal immigration status.

Watch the video above to hear Montoya -- who is also an organizer with United We Dream -- and her mother speak about why they feel families need to be included in immigration reform.