Democrats: On Immigration, GOP is "All Steve King's Men"

American Bridge super PAC puts King in crosshairs

Aug. 1, 2013— -- Is the Republican Party beholden to Steve King when it comes to immigration? That's what Democrats want you to believe.

American Bridge, a Democratic super PAC, is capitalizing on King's claim that undocumented youth tend to be drug mules rather than good students. It launched a website Thursday titled "All Steve King's Men," which highlights other inflammatory statements made by 27 GOP politicians it dubs "anti-immigrant."

The list includes some recognizable names, like former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney (self-deportation), Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions (called almost all Dominican immigrants useless to society), Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (most illegal crossers are controlled by drug cartels) and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli (compared immigration enforcement to chasing down rats).

A video that's featured on the site serves a highlight reel of the remarks.

With immigration reform on the backburner in the Republican-controlled House until the fall, Democrats are propping up King in order to pressure the GOP to act. They noted that nearly all House Republicans voted for a King-backed amendment that would defund President Obama's deportation relief for undocumented youth.

"Some Republicans may have hoped to turn to Marco Rubio as the face of the party's immigration reform efforts, but it is Steve King who voters see when they turn on the TV," American Bridge president Rodell Mollineau said in a statement. "If Republicans are serious about appealing to new voters, they need to pass immigration reform instead of following the voting patterns and extreme rhetoric of Steve King."

Check out the site here. There's also a Spanish-language version here.