Polling Methodology

Polling Methodology

ByABC News
October 15, 2012, 1:43 PM

Oct 15, 2012— -- LATINO DECISIONS

Latino Decisions is a political opinion research firm that specializes in studying Latino voters.

According to its website, Latino Decisions gathers its samples from "the most recent (state-specific) list of registered voters and further narrowed to Hispanic households, as verified by different commercial vendors."

Respondents to their polls "include only self-identified Latinos who are registered voters."

Latino Decisions says that its methodology is more accurate than using random-digit dialing (RDD) -- the preferred method of other pollsters -- chiefly because many Latinos are not registered to vote but say they are when asked in RDD sampling.

The firm includes landlines and cellphones in samples because Latinos disproportionately rely on cellphones exclusively rather than land lines. Interviews are conducted in English or Spanish, depending on what the respondent prefers.

For more on Latino Decisions' methodology, read here.


Latin Insights is a New York based independent research and strategic communications firm. Latin Insights specializes in the Latin American and the U.S. Hispanic market. They regularly conduct public opinion polls for political candidates and corporations.

For political polling among Latinos in the U.S., Latin Insights develops nationally representative samples among Latino registered voters. All interviews are conducted by bilingual interviewers. Respondents are given the option of completing the survey in English or in Spanish. Latin Insights conducts all interviews over the phone, using a landline/cellphone telephone design. They use a RDD sample.