The Scoop on the Obama Earrings Beyonce Rocked and Everyone is Talking About

We spoke to earrings' creator, Puerto Rican designer Erika Peña.

ByABC News
October 29, 2012, 2:45 PM

OCt. 29, 2012— -- Talk about a statement piece! Beyonce has taken her support of President Barack Obama to another level, by rocking these original hoop earrings by Erika Peña.

TMZ has the exclusive pics of Bey in NYC last weekend rocking the gold-plated Obama hoops.

The 36-year-old jewelry designer was born and raised in Puerto Rico by Dominican parents, and moved to New York to study at Parsons School of Design when she was 18, launching her own line in 2006. Today she works out of Puerto Rico, Spain, and Bali, and hopes to expand her operations even further, in the United States, in 2013.

Peña, who is a fan of Obama herself, is in the Dominican Republic at the moment so we called her up to get the scoop on the insta-famous hoops.

"I made these earrings over the summertime just for me, and every time I'd wear them, people would compliment me," she tells us. "So then I thought, I'll make an order of 1,500. I sent a pair to Beyonce, because I had worked with her on her B'Day album. I ended up sending her six pairs total because her stylist Ty Hunter said she wanted a pair for her sister Solange and another pair to give to Oprah, too. That was like a month ago and I hadn't heard back, so I was like 'gosh, maybe she doesn't like them,' but it turns out she loves them. And then she wore them and Ty called on Sunday to say, 'get ready because this is going to blow up!'"

And blow up they have. Since Beyonce wore them, Peña has sold around 1,300 of the 1,500 she had made, so that means there are only about 200 pairs left at the moment. Peña says her small office in Puerto Rico is dealing with such a demand that she's had to call in cousins to come help out at the boutique.

The earrings are only sold on Peña's website for now. The gold-plated ones sell for $32, and the silver-plated ones for $28.

Peña says she is not making more because it's too close to the November 6 election, but if Obama wins, she has already thought of ways to remix the originals, which are made in such a way that you can detach the word "Bama" and replace it with anything you want, like other words or stones or chains.

"If Obama wins, I'll remake them again, but I'll switch them up a bit," Peña says. "I'll have new plates made, with the year 2013, or maybe the word "Rocks" or "Won" so people can wear one earring with the word "Obama" and the other with something different."

Bey isn't the only celeb rocking the now-famous Obama hoops. Kimora Lee Simmons posted this pic of herself rocking them on Twitter.

Peña says she really hopes Obama wins on election day. "I'm really behind what he stands for," she says. "Now I Google 'Obama hoop earrings' and I see that I've inspired other people to design their own jewelry in support of him. That makes me happy."