Famed Drug War Blogger Flees Mexico

A Call from her Partner Prompted "Lucy's" Flight from Mexico

May 16, 2013, 6:07 PM

May 16, 2013— -- One of Mexico's most important drug war bloggers has fled the country fearing for her life. She also fears that her main associate has gone missing.

The author of the popular website Blog del Narco is too afraid to reveal her identity and simply goes by the pseudonym of Lucy. In a Skype conversation, she told British newspaper The Guardian, that she fled from her hometown in northern Mexico last week after receiving a brief call from her partner, a man in his 20s who lives in another city and runs the technical side of the blog.

Lucy told the Guardian that her partner told her to "run" and hung up immediately. The blogger duo had agreed to use "run" as a code word for fleeing the country when things get really dangerous, but had never implemented this alert before.

El Blog del Narco has been reporting on drug violence in Mexico for the past three years, providing information on executions, cartel battles and roadblocks that mainstream media rarely show.

But in spite of the blog's fame, its creators did not speak to the press until this Spring when Lucy granted an exclusive interview to The Guardian. In April, Lucy and her partner also published a book called "Dying for the Truth," which talks about the dangers they have faced as they report on Mexico's drug wars. But the bloggers never wanted to reveal their true identity, fearing that it would be too dangerous for them.

Lucy told The Guardian that she is now in Spain, but has still not heard from her partner since that fateful call last week.

She shared that she arrived in Spain on a flight from the U.S., after having crossed the U.S. Mexico Border legally, but "on foot."

El Blog del Narco, gets around three million pageviews a month. The Guardian says that the site has become a "must-read" source on Mexico's drug wars for that country's officials, cartel members and the general public.

In 2011, three contributors of El Blog del Narco were killed. Signs that promised to go after the blog's creators were placed next to the bodies.

The site regularly features graphic images of Mexico's drug violence, and detailed information of where murders committed by drug gangs take place.

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