Fusion's interim President Beau Ferrari sent the following note to staff announcing new additions to the team:

Dear Colleagues,

I have terrific news to share. Billy Kimball is joining Fusion as our senior vice president and chief programming officer, starting today. He’ll be based in Miami.

For more than 25 years Billy has been a writer, producer and executive in television, radio, film, publishing and online media. He has won some of the most coveted awards in the business and has an exceptionally broad range of experience as both a creator of content and a manager of creative people and processes.

He has produced or executive produced more than 400 hours of television, including Comedy Central’s “Indecision ’92” and nine annual "Independent Spirit Awards" shows. He launched “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn” in 1999 for David Letterman's Worldwide Pants company. From 2004 to 2007, Billy was the executive producer of “The Al Franken Show” on Air America Radio and Sundance Channel.

He has written eight episodes of "The Simpsons" and co-wrote the influential documentary “Waiting for Superman.”

Billy has a proven track record as a unique and very talented creative executive. Simply put - he knows what it takes to keep an audience tuning in night after night. We’re very fortunate he’s now leading Fusion’s programming team. I’m confident he’ll keep our new program lineup and series bold, fresh, informative and fun.

Please join me in welcoming Billy Kimball to Fusion.