Where Was Walt Jr. on the Last Breaking Bad?

PHOTO: Where ARE you, Walt Jr?Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC
Where ARE you, Walt Jr?

Where is Walt Jr.?

This is the question that loomed over Sunday night's episode of Breaking Bad (besides "Is Marie going to slap the [doodoo] out of Skyler?" To which the answer was an emphatic "YES!"). Walt and Skyler's teen son was noticeably absent from last night's madness, which saw Hank and Marie attempt to piece together Skyler's involvement with Walt's meth production... and his habit of generally ruining people's lives.

So. Where was the son? We'll hazard a guess or five, from the most likely to the least.

1. At Louis' House

We don't know too much about this elusive "Louis" who gives Walt Jr. rides to school when his parents aren't trying to make up for continually neglecting him, but there's a good chance Walt's over at Louis' house, probably being neglected and ignored because the kid can never, ever catch a break.

2. Stuck at School

Did Skyler or Walt even discuss picking Walt Jr. up from school throughout the course of this long, strange day they're having? Like. Marie is already home from work around the time the episode is wrapping up. It must be near the end of the day by the time Hank, Walt, Skyler, and Marie have all taken turns hyperventilating and screaming at one another. Does Walt Jr. have, like, an extracurricular activity he's pursuing? Chess club? Archery? Cotillion? Is he a mathlete?

3. Doing Meth

Although Walter White's version of ABQ makes it appear as if everyone is either on, cooking, or thinking about meth at any given moment, the reality is that meth use has indeed been a pressing issue in New Mexico for some time now. A 2002 drug threat assessment of the state confirmed that, as seen on the show, most of the state's supply of meth is transported from Mexico, but New Mexico law enforcement officials have been noting in increase in local production, as well as increased usage within the state. That said, more recent reports, such as this one from 2012, indicate a "dramatic" drop in meth labs across the state in recent years. So there's still hope yet for Walt Jr.! Keep away from the blue stuff, Flynn.

4. Rolling Up To The Club With Some Fly Honeys

Why not, you know?

5. Baking Blue Meth-Themed Cupcakes for His Breaking Bad Viewing Party

You know, because why not celebrate a new episode of a series that offers a visceral, heart-wrenching, infuriating depiction of the death and destruction brought on by meth production, distribution, and use by baking super cute cupcakes and totes yummy cocktails that resemble the show's potent blue meth crystals?