Complete Coverage: On The Money Trail at the DNC

Brian Ross reports on how money mingles with politics at the convention.

ByABC News

Sept. 1, 2008— -- Brian Ross and the Investigative Unit expose the intersection of money, lobbying, influence and politics at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colo.

Brian Ross takes a look at what big money can buy at these conventions.

Anti-lobby law loopholes keep the gravy train running in Denver.

DNC VIPs are treated to only the very best in Denver, but at what cost?

Are democrats doing what they accuse the GOP of, valuing wealth over hard work.

Examining unlimited money and little disclosure at political conventions.

Campaign reform groups criticize Obama's failure to speak up on convention excess.

Vice-Presidential candidate's former campaign advisor and fundraiser aided kickback scheme.

Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama's speeches ignored as lobbyists party on.

Friend who helped hide mistress seen at a private luncheon for donors and senators.

Cocktails and canapés in the sky box while delegates line ip for $7 hot dogs.

Asa Eslocker was investigating the role of lobbyists and top donors at the DNC.

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