Michael Jackson's Doctor Under Investigation on Possible 'Manslaughter' Charges

ABC News first on the scene as officials raid Conrad Murray's Houston office.

July 1, 2009, 6:46 PM

July 22, 2009— -- Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, is under investigation for possible manslaughter, according to his lawyer.

Following a morning raid of Murray's Houston office by federal drug agents and Los Angeles police detectives, his attorney Ed Chernoff said a search warrant "authorized law enforcement to search for and seize items, including documents, they believed constituted evidence of the offense of manslaughter."

ABC News was first on the scene this morning as officials raided Murray's office.

A caravan of 15 cars arrived at the office on Montgomery Road in Houston shortly after 10:20 (CST). More than two dozen DEA agents, Los Angeles police detectives and Houston uniformed officers, all wearing raid jackets, were among those on the scene.

Chernoff's statement Wednesday afternoon made the first mention of a criminal investigation in the case. He said law enforcement officials "concluded their search around 12:30pm, and left with a forensic image of a business computer hard drive and 21 documents. None of the documents taken had previously been requested by law enforcement or the L.A. Coroner's office."

Murray's office is located at the Armstrong Medical Clinic, owned by a doctor whose DEA license to prescribe drugs was revoked in 2005 for "over prescribing" according to officials.

The officials said the agents had obtained a search warrant for this morning's raid based on the preliminary results of Jackson's autopsy which showed the cause of death to be connected to the anesthetic drug Propofol.

Dr. Murray has been interviewed twice by police and federal agents and his lawyer, in a statement issued before the raid, said Murray was cooperating in the investigation.

"The coroner wants to clear up the cause of death, we share that goal," said Ed Chernoff, Murray's lawyer.

After the raid began, Murray's spokesperson said, "Dr. Murray's legal team is looking into the matter," and there is "No other comment at this time."

Murray was the last doctor to see Jackson alive and federal agents want to know if he administered the Propofol, which is normally only used in hospital operating rooms.

Murray and his lawyer have refused to answer questions about whether he administered the powerful drug to Jackson.

His lawyer said Murray "should not be a target of criminal charges."

Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Conrad Robert Murray is the cardiologist and "personal physician" who was by pop icon Michael Jackson's side on the day of his death.

Murray's attorney Edward Chernoff previously told Good Morning America that it took Murray a while to find anyone in Jackson's rented mansion to help him call 911 after he failed to revive the superstar.

"We can't tell you exactly when 911 was called," attorney Edward Chernoff told "Good Morning America" today.

Chernoff said that once Murray realized that CPR was not bringing Jackson back, Murray, he said, tried to dial 911 on his cell phone but did not have the exact address of Jackson's home. And with none of the phones in the home working "for privacy reasons," Murray ran around the house till he found Jackson's chef, who alerted security.

It was the security person, Chernoff said, who eventually dialed 911. CPR, he said, was done for 25 to 30 minutes before emergency officials arrived.

Jackson Addicted to Oxycontin, Say Law Enforcement

Law enforcement sources told ABC News Jackson was addicted to Oxycontin and received it and Demerol in daily doses.

Jackson's brother Jermaine has said that the singer's doctor had tried to resuscitate him.

"His personal physician, who was with him at the time, attempted to resuscitate my brother, as did the paramedics who transported him to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center," Jermaine Jackson said in the announcement that confirmed Michael Jackson, 50, had died.

Before authorities confirmed to ABC News that Murray was being sought for an interview, speculation swirled as to who might be the "personal physician" who was with Jackson at the time of his death.

Murray personally has been taken to civil court in Clark County twice in the past year by Capital One Bank for unpaid bills of around $2,000 in total.

The LAPD said it knew Jackson had several doctors.

For years, Jackson has been treated by Dr. Arnie Klein, a dermatologist. It was in Klein's office that Jackson met Debbie Rowe, the mother of his first two children. A housekeeper at Klein's homes said the doctor was "out of town."

Megan Chuchmach contributed to this report.

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