The Credit Card That Refused to Be Canceled

PHOTO: The best and worst of popular prepaid credit cards. Getty Images
The best and worst of popular prepaid credit cards.

Dear ABC News Fixer: I do not need my US Airways Mastercard account, so last fall I phoned customer service to close it and avoid paying the annual fee again.

In two separate phone calls, I was assured that the card had been closed. However, I continued to receive statements showing the annual fee had been charged.

So I wrote to them Jan. 24, requesting reversal of the fee and, once again, closure of the account. I received a form letter dated Jan. 30 stating that my "payment was posted," I had a zero balance, and they look forward to a continued relationship with me. I subsequently received February and March statements.

What do I need to do to get this credit card account closed?

- Alan Jones, Seattle

Dear Alan: When you applied for that airline credit card in late 2012 it seemed like a great way to rack up some frequent flyer miles. But, as your wife told the ABC News Fixer, you rarely used the card and you didn’t really need it. So when that first year was up, you decided to say goodbye to the card and avoid the next year’s $89 fee.

But Barclaycard, the issuer, apparently wasn’t ready to let you go.

We had a little better luck. After we contacted Barclaycard’s VP of media relations and told them of your desire to break up, they took your issue to the president’s office, which took care of it right away. Barclaycard confirmed the termination of your account in one last phone call to you, and they promised a written confirmation is on its way, as well.

- The ABC News Fixer

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