Dear ABC News Fixer: Overcharged By Discover

Dear ABC News Fixer: I mailed a $700 check to Discover in February for payment on my account. They processed the payment for $1,700, a thousand dollars over what was written on the check.

I contacted Discover on March 1 and spoke with a billing specialist, who said my account would be adjusted and the $1,000 refunded. The rep said it would take 15 days to send me a check.

They sent me a letter on March 11 verifying the error and saying the $1,000 had been adjusted on my Discover account. But by April 2, I still hadn't gotten my check.

I contacted Discover again, and they said the money was electronically transferred back to my bank account on March 18. My bank has no record of such a deposit.

Discover said their bank finance department would research it and call me. Nothing -- no calls from Discover. I have called them again and again, the latest on April 23. Please help me get my $1,000 returned to my bank account.

- Lisa Zucknick, Taylor, Texas

Dear Lisa: The ABC News Fixer was happy to help pluck that $1,000 out of this banking black hole and get it safely back in your hands.

But first, thank you for reminding all of us why we should regularly look at our account statements online: you never know what could be lurking there.

After we contacted Discover, they did some investigating. They said the problem started when your bank accidentally misread the check as being $1,700. Discover apparently did try to send back the $1,000 on March 18, but for some reason the transaction wasn't processed by your bank.

All's well now, though. Discover had a conference call with you and your bank, and the next day, the bank put the $1,000 back in your account.

- The ABC News Fixer

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