Dear ABC News Fixer: Wedding Ring Turned Nightmare

Dear Kimberly: We went to the jewelers for you…

March 12, 2013 — -- Dear ABC News Fixer: I am engaged to get married to the love on my life on March 16. The only problem is the beautiful ring he bought me from Kay Jewelers in Richmond, Ind., has turned out to be a NIGHTMARE!

He purchased it July 31 and gave it to me the same day. In less than six months, diamonds on the side of the ring have fallen out four times.

When it's being repaired, I am without the ring for one or two weeks and a couple of times, it came back from the shop missing another stone.

I just got it back Feb. 13, and by Feb. 16 another stone was gone. The store manager says I must be sleeping or bathing in it – which I do not. She offered to order another ring in my size and have it here in May (two months after my wedding!). A corporate supervisor said I could have store credit but not a refund. That means if I find a ring there that costs less than $2,499, they will keep the rest of the money. If I go over, I must pay more.

They did send me a $50 gift card for my inconvenience, but I will never buy anything from them again. I just want my money back.

- Kimberly Clarkson, Cambridge City, Ind.

Dear Kimberly: You told the ABC News Fixer this saga began in the fall, when you sent your ring out for re-sizing. When it arrived back at the store, one of the little diamonds surrounding the big diamond was missing.

Good thing your hubby-to-be had bought a warranty, because they fixed it for free. But about a month later, diamond number two fell out. The store sent it out for repairs again, but when it came back – diamond number three was gone. The fourth stone vanished just before you came to the ABC News Fixer.

You said you're tired of driving 45 minutes each way to the store, and disappointed that you haven't had a ring to show off at holiday parties and pre-wedding events.

With four strikes against this ring, we don't blame you for wanting your money back.

We got in touch with David Bouffard, spokesman for Sterling Jewelers, which operates Kay Jewelers, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and a number of other jewelry stores, and asked him to look into this recurring problem with your diamonds.

Bouffard said it was company policy not to discuss individual cases, including yours, but he did get the ball rolling on a refund. Soon after, Kay's agreed to refund the cost of the ring and the warranty.

And more good news: You told the ABC News Fixer you found a different ring you liked better at another jewelry shop, and it was already your size. That's what you'll wear on your wedding day. Best wishes!

- The ABC News Fixer

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