Lawyers for Ex-CIA Star Accused of Rape Ask For Psychiatric and Drug Addiction Care for Client

Andrew Warren brought into D.C. courtroom in cast, was arrested with crack pipe.

May 14, 2010 — -- In a federal court proceeding in D.C. today, lawyers for Andrew Warren, the former CIA agent accused of drugging, raping and videotaping a Muslim woman while serving as station chief in Algeria, requested their client be given access to psychiatric and addiction services.

Attorneys William Martin and Mark Hunter said their client had been held in a medical unit since being transferred to Washington from Norfolk, Va., but that he was not receiving psychiatric services. Martin said that Warren had been examined by a private physician and was competent to stand trial, but he requested that Warren receive a social services assessment as he might be in need of treatment for severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction issues.

Warren, 42, faces one federal count of sexual abuse. He limped into court dressed in prison garb, his foot in a cast, escorted by a U.S. Marshal.

Warren was hit twice with a taser when he was arrested in April, according to two U.S. officials. At a hearing in a Virginia federal court on Apr. 27, Warren was confined to a wheelchair and bruising was visible on his face.

Warren was arrested Apr. 26 after a bench warrant was issued for missing a pre-trial hearing for his coming federal trial. Local police, U.S. Marshals and officers from the Diplomatic Security Service found Warren at a Norfolk, Virginia Ramada Limited hotel.

When Warren missed an April court date, authorities had reached out to friends and family members for help in finding him, and said they believed he was abusing crack cocaine and might be in danger. As first reported by the Washington Post, the Norfolk native had a gun in his waistband when officers attempted to arrest him, and officers used a taser to subdue him.

According to the two federal law enforcement officials, officers fired an electrical charge at Warren because they believed he was under the influence of drugs and was reaching for his "mid-torso," where the gun was located. He was tasered twice, said the officials. They said a crack pipe and a handgun were recovered from Warren's room.

Local ABC affiliate WVEC reported that neighbors of Warren noticed odd behavior in the weeks prior to the hotel room arrest. The acquaintances said that Warren displayed his genitals outside his pants.

Warren's fall from grace has been dramatic. According to two former CIA officials, Warren was a rising star at the CIA. He was a fluent Arabic speaker who had converted to Islam, making him an ideal officer in the Middle East for the intelligence agency.

Before being posted to Algeria, Warren had served in Egypt, Afghanistan, and a stint in that CIA domestic station in New York. It was in New York, a few years after 9/11, that supervisors spotted him as a potential star, ready to be deployed around the world as a spy. Within a very short time - four years - Warren had been posted as station chief in Algeria.

Warren worked for the agency in the Middle East until October 2008, until he was recalled from the region and then fired after two women came forward and accused him of rape, accusations which were first reported by ABC News' Brian Ross in January 2009. He was charged with one federal count of sexual abuse in June.

Bureau of Diplomatic Security

In the first case, the alleged victim claims that Warren prepared a mixed drink of cola and whiskey. The woman stated that she felt a "violent onset of nausea," and Warren said she should spend the night at his home.

When she woke up the next morning, according to the affidavit, "she was lying on a bed, completely nude, with no memory of how she had been undressed." She said she realized "she recently had engaged in sexual intercourse, though she had no memory of having intercourse."

The second victim's account also states that Warren allegedly drugged her before raping her. "While drinking the second apple martini, [Victim 2] suddenly felt faint and felt the immediate needed to vomit. V2 described the sudden and violent onset of the illness as nothing like the physiological effects of alcohol related sickness that she had experienced when she consumed alcohol on previous occasions. V2 stated she immediately began to pass in and out of consciousness. V2's recollections of the ensuing events are characterized as passing in and out of consciousness, due to the debilitating effects of the illness," the affidavit states.

"[Victim 2's] next recollection was being located in Warren's upstairs bathroom, on the floor. V2 could see and hear, but she could not move. Warren was in the bathroom, and he was attempting to remove V2's pants. Although V2 could not physically resist Warren, she was able to speak, and she asked him to leave the bathroom. Warren continued to undress V2, and told her she would feel better after a bath. V2 stated that she had difficulty comprehending what was happening to her. Eventually Warren was able to remove V2's blue jeans, boots, and her blazer," the statement said.

Allegedly, the woman remembers being in Warren's bed and asking him to stop, but according to the affidavit, "Warren made a statement to the effect of 'nobody stays in my expensive sheets with clothes on.'" She told the Diplomatic Security agents that, "as she slipped in and out of consciousness she had conscious images of Warren penetrating her vagina repeatedly with his penis."

Diplomatic Security Special Agent Scott Baker noted in the affidavit, "The victims' symptoms were consistent with drugs used to facilitate sexual assaults."

U.S. officials also said that a search of Warren's residence uncovered many tapes of Warren engaged in sex with women, including at least one tape that shows a woman in a semi-conscious state.

Asked for a comment on the case in 2009, CIA spokesman George Little said in a statement, "We will continue to cooperate with law enforcement in this matter, which involves a former agency employee who was fired earlier this year."

Warren pleaded not guilty to the charge of sexual assault in June 2009. He was released on his recognizance after his arraignment and had been living in the Norfolk area ever since.

Morton Taubman, an attorney for Warren, said in 2009 his client is, "Not guilty...He is innocent."

According to the Justice Department, if convicted, Warren could face life in prison.

At the hearing in Washington Friday, the judge asked Warren if he was on medication currently. Warren replied he was on medication but he did not indicate what medication or what he was being treated for. His attorneys requested and received a delay in the detention hearing until May 21 without objection from the prosecutors.

According to a staff person from the Pre-trial services office at the federal court in D.C., if the judge complies with Warren's lawyers' request, Warren would be given a social services assessment and would be directed to appropriate professional services for mental health or addiction treatment if necessary.

Jason Ryan contributed reporting to this story.

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