Norway Massacre: Camera Catches Breivik Minutes Before Bombing

Killer, in Police Uniform, Seen Walking Away After Planting Oslo Bomb

Sept. 15, 2011 — -- Anders Behring Breivik, who has confessed to killing nearly 80 people in twin terror attacks in Norway on July 22, was filmed by a security camera right after he placed a bomb outside a government building in downtown Oslo.

Breivik, 32, can be seen on the closed circuit camera image published by a Norwegian website walking away from a car after planting the bomb. He is dressed in police gear, complete with vest, boots, and helmet, and is carrying a pistol in his right hand.

A spokesman for the Oslo police, Roar Hansen, confirmed that the image published by ABC Nyheter was real and was part of a police report, but had not been released by police. Hansen told the AP the picture was taken by a camera in the government building. The police report was provided to lawyers representing Breivik's victims.

Breivik has admitted detonating a bomb outside the offices of Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on the morning of July 22, killing eight people. After the car bombing, Breivik drove west to the island of Utoya, where hundreds of teenagers from Stoltenberg's Labor Party were attending a youth camp. He shot and killed 69 people on Utoya, most of them teens, before surrendering to police.

He faces 21 years in prison with the possibility of permanent detention for both acts. He will be back in court on Monday, Sept. 19, when jurors will decide whether he will remain detained in solitary confinement prior to his trial, which is expected to begin in 2012. An appeals court determined Thursday that the Monday court appearance will be behind closed doors.

In a 1,500-page manifesto apparently published by Breivik hours before the attack, Breivik claims to be just one warrior in a widespread crusade against Muslim immigration and integration in Norwegian and European society that will take 60 years to complete. The meticulous manifesto detailed Breivik's years-long preparations for the attack and presents an academic-style argument against what he called multicultural Marxism and Islamic colonization. In it, he says being arrested is all part of the plan."Your arrest will mark the initiation of the propaganda phase," Breivik writes. "Your trial offers you a stage to the world."

Breivik also mentions a plan to escape prison and execute a "bonus operation."

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He has also made two series of demands since his arrest, one group that his lawyer calls practical and the other more bizarre. He has asked for cigarettes and clothes, but also to be made the commander of the Norwegian military and to wear a uniform when he appears in court. He has demanded the complete overthrow of Norwegian and European societies, starting with the resignation of the Norwegian government. When the societies are rebuilt, Breivik said, he wants to play a key role.

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