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It's a life most of us have only seen on the big screen -- C.I.A. spies trekking through foreign countries on covert assignments, trying to never leave a fingerprint behind.

But it's a life Bob and Dayna Baer, a real life Mr. & Mrs. Smith, know very well and this week on "Brian Ross Investigates" they discuss the new book they co-wrote that details their former lives undercover and how they met and fell in love.

"We got so many questions over the years about what was it like, what did we tell our friends or our family, or what could we tell our friends or our family," Dayna Baer explains to ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross when asked why they decided to write the book, "The Company We Keep."

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Bob Baer, a former ABC News consultant, and Dayna, who has only recently revealed her identity, first met in Sarajevo in the middle of a war zone, where they didn't even know each other's real last names for months while they worked side by side. But the dangerous work they did, coupled with alienation from the outside world, created a unique relationship between them and love soon blossomed.

"You have to rely on each other, so there is a bond that forms probably a little bit stronger than you have with people outside the CIA," Dayna Baer says. They both eventually left the CIA to be together and start a family, adopting a daughter from Pakistan, now named Khyber, who had been abandoned at a church outside Islamabad after her mother died.

Asked if he'd tell his daughter about his undercover past, Bob Baer says, "Maybe she'll go into the CIA."

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The Baers also answer viewer questions submitted through Twitter on "Brian Ross Investigates," including how they were trained to be professional liars and what their most exciting missions were.

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Also on Friday's show, see a previously unaired extended interview with Libyan Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi, who was the first Libyan diplomat to come out against embattled leader Moammar Ghadafi, although he remains the number two man at the country's United Nations mission in New York.

The ABC News Investigative Team also updates the "Thrill Kill" case, a story first aired last year with allegations that young American soldiers accused of being part of a kill team that murdered innocent Afghan civilians for fun.

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